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Most people were aware of Amazon’s Deal Days on 10/10-10/11, but did you know Walmart was doing the same thing on 10/9-10/12? If not, you are not alone! Our research showed less than 50% of Walmart shoppers were aware of this compared to 90% for Amazon.

From this year’s Deal Days data some interesting findings emerged…
1. A growing number of shoppers at both Amazon and Walmart believe they are not getting the best deals – or even deals at all. Negative perceptions stem from shoppers recalling different base prices and noticing that the listed base price is higher than typical on Deal Days to inflate deals.
2. E-tailers, especially Amazon, have been giving more priority Search placement to Private Label as their presence is driving awareness and have the potential to encourage trial. 
3. Amazon prevailed as the winner of this early holiday Deal Day Duel. Walmart shoppers struggled to find deals this year compared to Amazon shoppers. This was largely due to the assortment of deals offered and frustration with search results not being relevant enough to the category they were looking for.

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