Gap Between Research & Reality

The gap between Research & Reality-
Mental and physical availability are both critical for driving sales for your brands. However, almost all Market Research spend used to drive brand and category decisions today is put behind methods that either measure physical (retail sales, home scan) OR mental availability (survey based approaches, neuro) but not both. This leaves a significant gap in building a comprehensive understanding of your brands, categories, consumers and shoppers and would explain why research doesn’t always reflect real life outcomes.

What if we told you that NAILBITER accounts for both mental and physical availability giving you a 360 view of performance irrespective of whether you are looking to track brand health/performance or see how shoppers make in-the-moment decisions (in-store or online). Of course, all of this is powered through behavioral videos translated into quant metrics.

As people walk into a store or start shopping online, they tell us what products and brands they might be considering and planning to buy, which helps us track mental availability for your brands. We compare this to what product/brand they actually buy to uncover how physical availability (and execution) impacts their planned behaviors.

Let’s talk about how we can help you eliminate the gap between MR and real world outcomes.

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