It was so great to see the CS and CSA teams at the NAILBITER 2023 Annual Kickoff at NAILBITER HQ. The theme was close to my heart and a key reason we started NAILBITER; Human Connections

The industry made great strides decades back by shifting its focus from data to consumer insights. Today we are ready for the next step forward; Consumer/ Shopper Insights to Human Insights. It may sound small but thinking of consumers as humans instead of respondents allows us to make better decisions and products on their behalf.

Also, working with talented, fun and nice people is a core NAILBITER value. Hence Human Connections was an ideal theme!

During our week, not only did we spend a lot of time bonding and building relationships in fun and engaging ways, we also discussed ideas on bridging human connections with our work and making a positive impact in our industry!

In the spirit of human connections, instead of me writing any more details, watch this video!

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