Kickoff of Nailbiter 2024

Let’s rewind to the invigorating kickoff of NAILBITER 2024!
Last week we gathered in our Virginia headquarters to set the tone for the year ahead. It was a week filled with celebration and strategic planning with an unmistakable buzz of excitement.

Key highlights from 2023:

CONTINUED GROWTH DRIVEN BY CLIENT PARTNERSHIPS: Celebrating 9 years in business, we marked our 9th straight year of strong growth. What’s most remarkable? Nearly 90% of revenues came from existing clients, a testament to our enduring partnerships with most of the top CPG companies globally.

TRACKERS RULE: Shopper Trackers emerged as a cornerstone of growth, empowering top clients with customized, always-on trackers to measure their business. These partnerships shifted us from reactive to proactive, allowing teams to be more agile and identify opportunity faster. It didn’t hurt that tracker clients saw a sizable discount on their Nailbiter budget!

INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: Nailbiter stood 12th on the Top 50 Most Innovative companies in the the GRIT report, marking our 4th consecutive year of improvement. Particularly gratifying is our #1 ranking in the Data and Analytics space. But what sets us apart and what I’m most proud of is our commitment to client collaboration and knowledge sharing at conferences. We are working hard to get the rest of the industry on the Quant Behavioral bandwagon.

For 2024, our strategy can be summed up in 3 words: Stay the Course!
We see 2024 as a good year for Market Research, especially for companies that provide clients with Innovative and Actionable Insights. As the industry explores the role of AI in MR, the most important component will always be PEOPLE.

I want to thank all my Nailbiter colleagues for their hard work and industry-leading collaboration. Our people are and will continue to be one of our greatest assets.

-Amishi Takalkar

Cheers to a great year ahead!

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