Exciting News from Anheuser-Busch in the World of Hard Beverages

Exciting News from Anheuser-Busch in the World of Hard Beverages! As a category captain, steering through this dynamic landscape is no small feat. It’s about creating an experience that effortlessly guides shoppers and boosts conversion rates. Kudos for setting the bar high with their groundbreaking approach to hard beverage merchandising!

We came across their merchandising playbook, recently published by Progressive Grocer, unraveling the innovative strategies AB InBev employed to redefine the shopping journey within the category.

What caught our eyes? They’ve mastered the art of merchandising by incorporating NAILBITER insights as the secret sauce to their research.

Curious to know how they did it? Check out the sample visual below for an inside look at one of the examples showcasing shopper preference variations between Spirit-based, Wine-based, and Malt-based hard beverages. We invite you to dive into all 5 principles that fuel this playbook.

Cheers to a future with more behavioral and actionable shopper insights!

To see their updated playbook: https://progressivegrocer.com/anheuser-busch-the-hard-beverage-merchandising-playbook

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