IIEX North America 2024 Conference in Austin, Texas

Is your brand ready to close the “SAY-DO GAP” once and for all? When looking for measurable better brand impact, you have to get up close – front row with popcorn – to what is actually going on in the moment of the shopping experience.

At Greenbook‘s #iiex in Austin, our CEO, Amishi Takalkar will join Cristina Marinucci of Mondelēz International to showcase what can be done when teams co-create an approach to understand the nuances of consumer behavior in the moment of consideration and purchase. Get this invaluable insight into the innovative approach our team takes to deliver behavioral insights that can immediately be applied for better brand impact.

Will we see you there? Be sure to stop by BOOTH 29 and enter to win our very fun giveaway and see for yourself what videometrics and behavioral research can do for your brand!

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