Shopper Marketing Summit USA 2024 in Chicago

Get ready to crack the code on impulse buying! Nailbiter is excited to announce that we’ll be presenting at the Shopper Marketing Summit USA 2024 on May 22nd at The Ritz-Carlton, Downtown Chicago.

Join Campbell’sLindsay F. and our own Reid Searls as they delve into the fascinating world of impulse purchases. From eye-catching displays to the evolving checkout experience, we’ll explore the driving forces behind those unplanned buys that make all the difference.

Discover Nailbiter’s first-of-its-kind Impulse Tracker, a behavioral video-based approach that captures shoppers in the moment of making impulse decisions. Lindsay will share her firsthand experience leveraging Nailbiter’s insights and provide her unique perspective on the latest trends.

Mark your calendars for May 22nd at 2:35pm – don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what drives impulse buying and how you can optimize your retail strategies accordingly.

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