Seeing is Believing !

Seeing is Believing – a brief history of how video has re-invented our lives in the past century

If a picture is a thousand words then a video is a thousand pictures (well about 40 seconds of video!) Below is a brief history of how video has re-invented our lives in the past century and where we are going next!

1910s Charles shows us the Pathe
Around 1911 Charles Pathe introduce the News Reel – a short documentary format showcasing the latest News, Sports, Politics and War, in movie theaters. For nearly 200 years prior to the news reel, humanity got their news via print. During the Great Depression and World War II audiences were riveted to seeing the news reel and there were hundreds of cinemas dedicated to showing news reels.

1960s The Instant Replay
CBS Sports Director Tony Verna invented a system where a tape machine could replay the last 15sec of a recording. On December 7, 1963, the instant replay was deployed for the first time in the Army–Navy Football Game. The announcer had to repeatedly reinforce that touchdowns were being re-played so that the audience wouldn’t think that the team had scored again. Can you imagine watching football, olympics or any sport without instant replay?

1980s CNN Blitzes in
CNN broke the mould of network news by broadcasting news live 24×7 from location. Most people old enough in 1991 will recall Bernard Shaw reporting from the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad as Coalition bombs dropped behind him, during Gulf War I. For over 30 years audiences have switched to CNN whenever a major news event occurs globally.

2005 Three Boys look for a Wardrobe Malfunction and create YouTube instead
It is said that the founders of YouTube were trying to see the video of Janet Jackson’s infamous superbowl wardrobe malfunction, but could not find it easily. That was the seed that grew into the dominant video platform on the internet that has essentially paved the way for the internet to transform from the text to video delivery system. An ethnographer’s dream, there are few things about humanity that aren’t captured in vivid detail on YouTube.

2013 Up Periscope
Kayvon Beykpour found himself in the middle of a massive protest in Taksim Square in Istanbul in 2013. From that rose a simple idea that every smartphone user could be their own CNN and broadcast live events happening around them. No one was surprised when Twitter forked over a truck load of money to acquire Periscope. Periscope or such a platform will eventually link billions of people online via video. Like it or not we are moving towards a world of complete transparency.

2014 Nailbiting cured for marketers!
Inspired by the developments above, NAILBITER aims to transform CPG Marketing. The platform allows CPG marketers and researchers to see shoppers buy or reject their brands at shelf across the globe. The CPG community has always suspected consumers do things in-store and make decisions very differently from what traditional market research tools tell us – it’s time to find out.