Optimizing Amazon Prime Day for CPG Brands

When most shoppers think of Amazon Prime Day, they think of electronics, appliances, and home goods. As Prime Day grows, however, more and moreĀ  CPG brands are trying to take advantage of the shopper volume and interest in making special purchases among the sea of deals available.

Using our Quantitative Videometrics Platform, NAILBITER observed shoppers on Amazon as they navigated the Prime Day deals to understand what’s working and what’s not for CPG brands. Through this videos, we uncovered a few areas of opportunity that CPG brands may want to consider.

It’s Not Just Amazon Anymore

Other retailers, like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, have started to try and ride the Amazon Prime Day wave and shoppers have noticed. We heard several shoppers mention that they heard of or visited these sites on Amazon Prime Day and found compelling deals – sometimes deals better than what they saw on Amazon!

As this trend continues to grow, keep in mind that Prime Day may become bigger than Amazon. As these other retailers may be friendlier to CPG brands, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

What’s the Deal?

While there were hundreds of Prime Day deals, shoppers still had difficulty finding deals on the products they were looking for. Navigation could be confusing and the Search Bar led to results that weren’t partĀ of Prime Day, frustrating some shoppers.

Deals featured on the main page were helpful and made navigation easier, but those deals tended to be for non-CPG products. Some shoppers were looking for their typical brands and searching by brand was not an effective tactic with other brands or products that did not contain Prime Day deals in the search results.

Additionally, understanding what the deal actually was could be confusing. Deals were shown with a typical total price reduction, and then additional text indicated an incremental percentage off at checkout. That percentage, however, was sometimes overlooked by shoppers and was not a transparent way to communicate the deal to all shoppers. In fact, some shoppers got to checkout and were surprised by just how much savings they received. Making the deal clearer before checkout could help drive Notice and Conversion for those products.

Beyond Instant Pots and Roombas

Although the Prime Day news cycle is often dominated by deals on electronics and other big ticket items, shoppers still look for deals on the CPG products they typically buy, like personal care items and vitamins. This presents a good opportunity for brands to capitalize on Prime Day if they know how to take advantage of it.

One opportunity is making deals on CPG products more visible to shoppers. Some shoppers happened to stumble across the deals as they were shopping on Amazon, but once they saw the deal, became excited and ended up buying. There were even shoppers who purchased a new product because they saw a deal!

These deals are also a great way to encourage shoppers to stock up on products, which can overcome some of the basket size and profitability concerns many CPG brands face on Amazon. Shoppers were encouraged to sign up for Subscribe & Save through some of the CPG deals, so they can be committed to a brand for more than just a single purchase.

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Click HERE to watch some videos of Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

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