A Missed Opportunity on 7-11 Day?

Earlier this month, 7-11 Convenience Stores held their annual “7-11 Day,” offering free Slurpees and other exciting offers to shoppers on July 11th. Using our Quantitative Videometric Platform, NAILBITER observed shoppers on their trips to 7-11 on this day to uncover which activities were effective on 7-11 Day and which brands were winning. Read to the end of the article for additional information and sample videos.

Free Slurpees! (But Not Much Else)

The top promotion that broke through with shoppers was the Free Slurpee deal offered at 7-11. In some stores, lines were forming just to get a free cup as part of the deal. There were displays and signage up to help promote the deal and shoppers took notice.

However, very few deals had any breakthrough beyond this. One reason this may be is because other deals were given much less real estate in the store. There were some price incentives for various chip brands but they were only promoted with small stickers or shelf tags. We observed several shoppers either missing the deal completely or only stumbling upon it because they happened to select the product that was on sale.

There is a big opportunity for brands to push for better visibility of their promotions on 7-11 Day. Keeping promotions near the marquee Free Slurpee displays and signage may be one way to help drive breakthrough. Additionally, ensure that the deals are effective enough to drive Conversion. While some deals broke through, shoppers would still buy something else because the offer was not compelling enough.

Convenience, Better-For-You, and Other Trends

While reviewing shopper videos on 7-11 Day, we identified a few other trends worth mentioning. First, shoppers still visit 7-11 for convenience, even on special promotion days. Shoppers mention locations being near their home, their office, school, etc. and using 7-11 as a place to fill those one-off shopping needs. Promotions that urged shoppers to buy multiple packs did not appear to be effective and that may be because they miss the reason shoppers visit 7-11. They are not looking to stock-up and buy multiple packs, but rather fill-in or buy something quickly for a specific reason.

Another trend that emerged was shopper interest in Better-For-You products. Kettle-baked chips were Noticed by multiple shoppers, eliciting mentions of “healthier” and “better for you” as shoppers considered their options. Packs calling out claims (like type of oil used) stood out on shelf and helped these brands get Noticed. While Conversion for these brands may still be a work in progress, they are certainly driving additional Notice on shelf.

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Click HERE to View Some Sample Videos from 7-11

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