Author: Gram Bowsher

A Missed Opportunity on 7-11 Day?

Earlier this month, 7-11 Convenience Stores held their annual “7-11 Day,” offering free Slurpees and other exciting offers to shoppers on July 11th. Using our Quantitative Videometric Platform, NAILBITER observed shoppers on their trips to 7-11 on this day to uncover which activities were effective on 7-11 Day and which brands were winning. Read to […]

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In-Store Video Tells the Full Story of Super Bowl Shopping

With the Super Bowl over, the conversation now switches to the commercials. But, what if I told you that by focusing on just the commercials, you’re missing a big piece of the Super Bowl marketing blitz? For the weeks leading up to the big event, shoppers have been engaging with in-store marketing and displays by […]

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