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Nailbiter’s global, quantitative videometrics platform captures hundreds of thousands of behavioral data points from real, in-the-moment shopping experiences to uncover actionable insights.

Whether in-store, online, or in/out of home, we create a space for consumers to “show and tell” during the moment of truth, delivering a more dynamic expression of what is driving consumer behavior.

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what is videometrics?

what is videometrics?

Nailbiter’s technology platform allows our clients to see and hear their shoppers and consumers make real decisions in the moment-of-truth – whether in-store, online, or at-home – through the power of video.

The platform captures behavior on a quantitative scale and then codes both audio and video data to reveal hidden barriers to product success. The resulting shopper and consumer insights allow teams to make fast, informed decisions that drive market success.

our applications

The Nailbiter platform scales Behavioral Market Research through Video.

observe behavior


Shoppers record their next in-store shopping experience, narrating as they go along.


Shoppers record their next online shopping experience, narrating as they go along.


People record 
product or category usage where they typically use it (usually at-home.)

capture reaction


People are shown virtual products, planograms, and/or displays in or out of store and asked to share their perceptions and ultimate purchase decision.

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videometrics can do for you?

Nailbiter has developed metrics, applications and trackers for almost all Shoppers and Consumer Insights needs.

Videometrics hold the promise to replace almost any kind of traditional market research. If you have a research question, we have a solution for you!

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