GreenBook GRIT ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers’

“NAILBITER was a great partner, helping us fill an important gap where syndicated market share data and claimed usage data both fall short. Applying their approach at scale gave us a robust behavioral dataset to understand usage at the individual level, and with incredibly granular detail.”- Global Insights Capabilities Director, Leading Personal Care Products Manufacturer
“Understanding Omni-Channel shopper behavior in the grocery space comes with its share of challenges. Data can be messy, or even non-existent, which increases the difficulty in creating impactful stories both internally and with our retail partners. NAILBITER has allowed us to take video, which would typically be very small sample, and scale it to really uncover great new insights into how our consumers are changing the way they shop as they move online, and present it in a way that helps us understand both the what and the why behind this shift.”
-Shopper Insights Manager eBusiness, Leading Global Food & Beverage Manufacturer

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